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Welcome to Montrose United Methodist Church

Vision Statement: Moving forward, following Christ,
connecting with our community.

Why Us?

Kids for Christ
Bell Choir
Fellowship Time
Krazy Kuilters
Bible Study
Amity Sisters
Student Enrichment
Peer mentoring
and more...

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Montrose United Methodist Church
158 E. State St.
PO Box 3237
Montrose, Michigan 48457

PH 810-639-6925

Latest News at Montrose United Methodist

We have a new website!

Please take a moment to thank all the people who have donated their time and enegry to put together our new website. As time goes on there will be more items and featrues of interest added, so check back often.

About Montrose United Methodist

Mission Statement:  Making disciples of Christ for the transformation of the world.

The Montrose Methodist Episcopal Church was organized in 1891 under the leadership of Rev. William Hammond the pastor at Burt, Michigan.  There were seven original members.  Rev. C. W. Butler was the pastor from 1893 – 1895. 

The congregation met in the Cook building which was located on the west side of the tracks near the lumber yard. 


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